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Review: ArcSoft Magic-i webcam designed to enhance the overall experience, offering a variety of customization options videochatting is a tool, but also higher utility which is aimed at your webcam. First of all, a special interface element that makes everything so easy to use, allowing you to It aacute; UI not only webcam to see a selection of templates and apply effects in real time, but also, which is easily available. There are several options to the right of the main window, which means, filters, issues You can choose to display u, frames and multiple distortions, each of these entries. In addition to all the settings adjusted, ArcSoft Magic-i also features what are called? Stream Splitter? technologies that allow aacute; u You can use a single webcam with multiple applications at the same time, such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype and Windows Live Messenger as. Last but not least, it is also proud of It iuml; custom-made pieces of equipment for videoconferencing and even sharing multimedia files with ease. If you are hindering the performance of the system, despite the large number of features it provides, while working flawlessly on Windows all the flavors on the market. However, the Administrator is required to permit the program to launch Windows 7. Generally ArcSoft Magic-i is based on a large package of advanced features, the interface is very simple and intuitive software solution options. What’s more, the help file is also included in the package, so in case you need more information about a specific feature, the manual is always there to answer all your questions.